Lincoln’s Grizzly Bear

grizzly bearEvery year hundreds of visitors come through Lincoln and their itinerary almost always includes a visit to our Lincoln Ranger District Office to see our famous bear.

The 830 pound male is the third largest grizzly on record in Montana.  He died just before dawn on October 17, 2007 at the age of 12 after being struck by a pickup just west of Lincoln .  In the weeks after his death there was widespread interest in where the bear should be displayed.  The University of Montana, as a symbol of the school mascot or the community of Lincoln. School children from the area wrote heartfelt essays on where the bear should be displayed.  The residents, communities, and children in the Upper Blackfoot Valley are pleased the decision was made for the grizzly bear to stay in Lincoln.

The Lincoln Ranger Station, located approximately 1/2 mile East of town, is his final resting place and he is on display for everyone to see day or night.  Taxidermists from Montana, and Pennsylvania donated their time and talent to creating this magnificent display.

The ranger station is also a great place to stop in and get maps and information about our trails and area.  They can also issue permits.

Lincoln Ranger Station
1569 Highway 200
Lincoln, MT 59639
(406) 362-7000

Hours of operation M-F 8 am – 4 pm